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No Way Out

2-4  25min   Adventure, Mystery, Science

Step into a world of intrigue and danger as you uncover the plans of the notorious Cerrajero.

Your mission is to prevent a global catastrophe by solving puzzles and unraveling clues within the confines of a mysterious elevator.

Can you and your team work together to stop the impending cyber-attack and save the world?

The Heist

4-10  60min   Thriller, Crime

Become a mastermind criminal in this thrilling escapade to rob the Second United Bank of Panama.

With only 60 minutes on the clock, gather your crew and put your skills to the test. Strategize, solve puzzles and outsmart security measures as you aim to steal $250,000.

Will you prove your mettle and escape with the loot, or will you be caught red-handed?

The Lost Formula

2-6  45min   Suspense, Mystery, Thriller

Join Medio Mango on a quest to recover a secret formula hidden within a bar.

Embark on a race against time to find the hidden notebook by solving clever puzzles mixed with unexpected twists before the bar owner returns from lunch.

Can you unlock the mysteries of The Lost Formula and emerge victorious?


(Portable Game)

2-10+  60min  Adventure, Fun

Embark on an epic pirate adventure and try to get one of the Cerrajero’s first treasures. Uncover the secrets of an ancient curse and challenge the treacherous waters to open the wicked chest. Will you be the one to retrieve the totem and claim your reward?

  • 60 Minutes of thrilling experience
  • For 2-10+ participants.
  • Available onsite or for offsite hiring
  • Versatile setup: Only a 75x40x40cm table needed (Included)


(Portable Game)

2-10+  60min  Thriller, Challenging

A bomb with cryptic riddles threatens to explode in 60 minutes.

A mismatched team uses unique skills like logic, tech, and observation to overcome challenges and defuse the bomb through teamwork and wit, not violence. Time is ticking, but hope flickers with each solved puzzle. Their victory hinges on outsmarting the bomb, not just dismantling it.

The fate of the world rests on their shoulders. 60 breaths to become heroes.

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