Portable Escape Games

Fun Anywhere, Anytime!

Escape Room Panama brings you the excitement of escape games with our portable options, where adventure comes to you!

Whether team building, birthday celebrations, or intimate gatherings, our fully technological and immersive puzzles guarantee a memorable experience.

Engage in thrilling challenges with friends, family, or colleagues. With flexible player counts and competitive pricing, the adventure will blow your mind.

Reserve your portable escape game today and embark on an unforgettable journey!



(Portable Game)

2-6  60min  Adventure, Fun

Embark on an epic pirate adventure and try to get one of the Cerrajero’s first treasures. Uncover the secrets of an ancient curse and challenge the treacherous waters to open the wicked chest. Will you be the one to retrieve the totem and claim your reward?


  • 60 Minutes of thrilling experience
  • Recommended for 2-4 participants
  • LOW dificulty, suitable for rookies
  • Available onsite or for offsite hiring
  • Versatile setup: Only a 75x40x40cm table needed (Included)


(Portable Game)

2-6  60min  Thriller, Challenging

A bomb with cryptic riddles threatens to explode in 60 minutes.

A mismatched team uses unique skills like logic, tech, and observation to overcome challenges and defuse the bomb through teamwork and wit, not violence. Time is ticking, but hope flickers with each solved puzzle. Their victory hinges on outsmarting the bomb, not just dismantling it.

The fate of the world rests on their shoulders. 60 breaths to become heroes.


  • 60 Minutes of thrilling experience
  • Recommended for 2-6 participants
  • HIGH difficulty, perfect for veterans/pros
  • Available onsite or for offsite hiring
  • Versatile setup: Only a 75x40x40cm table needed (Included)

Who Is It for?

We’d like to say it’s for anyone and everyone. However, it’s best suited for celebrations and parties like

✅ Companies seeking team-building activities or fun events,

✅ Birthday parties for all ages,

✅ Social gatherings and private get-togethers.

What Makes Our Games Unique?

🧩 Technologically advanced with creative and immersive puzzles

🔊 Sound effects, voiceovers, and music for an enhanced experience

🛎️Automatic help system available for assistance

🖼️ The portable setup allows flexibility and convenience

🕺 Suitable and enjoyable for all ages, from teens to adults

You ASKED, We answered

Game Details

Minimum of 2 but we can accommodate up to 6-8 players if you wish. More than this would be in separate rounds.

Recommended group size for the best experience is around 2-4 players

Price per person: $20.00 for on-site play, with a special introductory price of $90.00 for groups of 6. For offsite please contact us to tailor to your needs.

Game duration: 60 minutes, providing a thrilling race against time

Available for offsite hiring.

Versatile setup: Can be arranged at any location, utilizing a compact table measuring 75x40x40 cm